How to Fix a Backpack Zipper That Came Off On One Side

Broken backpack zippers are the second most frustrating thing you can experience right before you leave home. If your backpack zipper has come off one side, there’s an easy and quick fix that will make you smile again.

Keep reading to learn how to make your zipper work again without having to replace it. How to Fix a Backpack Zipper That Came Off On One Side.

The zipper of your backpack came off one side of the track.

When your backpack’s zipper is on only one side, it’s usually because the slider has gotten worse from all the opening and closing. This is when the clamp space that was supposed to hold the slider in place opens up on either one or both sides.

Problems with the track can also cause the zipper not to fit properly. To get your backpack zipper working again, you will need to increase the slider’s clamping force.

1. Check your zipper and track and resolve any issues.

This is an easy step, but it’s often overlooked.

You can avoid having to do this again by inspecting the tracks and zipper. One example is that the slider edges may have lost their clamping power or been widened. If you don’t look closely at your zipper, there’s no way to know.

You can also find missing or bent teeth by inspecting the tracks and zipper. You will need to stop the zipper from moving into the area where the track’s teeth run. The zipper will not move in the area with missing teeth if you do this.

If the teeth are made of metal, you can straighten bent teeth using a plier or fork. You could also use your fingers to align plastic teeth.

A closer inspection of your zipper could reveal the problem with the tracks. You will only need to align them in this instance before moving on to the next.

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